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Cooper Griggs Portfolio

I am a director, shooter, and editor. These are just a sample of the projects I have worked on.
There are links at the bottom of the page to see more.

  1. Fantastic Sams - Hayden & Pary

    Director / Editor: Cooper Griggs

    One in a series of promotional videos for Fantastic Sam's.

  2. Facing Homelessness - Andrew

    Director: Cooper Griggs
    Editor: Adam David

    We interviewed Andrew in Los Angeles, CA.
    To donate directly to Andrew's Welcome Home Fund, go to:
    Or to donate to a general homelessness fund, you can visit:

    Facing Homelessness tells the stories of people experiencing homelessness, illuminating the complex challenges faced by those living outdoors and offering concrete actionable steps you can take to help welcome them home into new futures and more stable housing.

  3. OITNB Season 5 Promo


  4. One Day in the American City

    3 part docu-series on the challenges facing the modern American city.

  5. jOSHUA teaser

    Director / Editor: Cooper Griggs
    Promo Editor: Larry Law

    "The Children of the night... what sweet music they make..." - Bram Stoker

    jOSHUA is a tale of the lost and of the ones that prey on them. Set in suburbia and a modern metropolis, this dark tale focuses on the perils of Katherine, as she navigates the rough path of her trade. When she meets Joshua, she is intrigued by his intellect, his charisma, and the way he exudes calm. Is he what he appears to be, or is he something darker than the night around them? Is he the good, religious man-child living with his elderly grandmother, or is he a charlatan with unspeakable nefarious appetites and desires?

    jOSHUA is a snippet from the novel 'The Dark One' by Jason Krieger. The short film, directed by Cooper Griggs, is intending to introduce these characters to the viewer, in the hopes that they will find an audience that would like to see the full story.

  6. The Harmonist - Behind the Scenes